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"We continually recreate magic for the brands we are so committed to. At TAQTFUL, we strive to utilize new innovative ideas and creative ways to represent our amazing clients past and present."
Jeremy deWeen, CEO

Our Divisions

At Cartesia, when we think it, we make it so.  There is no task too great and no hurdle too large. We use creativity to overcome technical challenges and use technology to identify the best creative solutions.  We make consumers see, believe, and buy into your brand identity.  We manage social media channels from Twitter and Facebook to Instagram and Pinterest to TikTok.  We build beautiful on-brand websites designed to drive brand engagement and streamline backend operations.  We work relentlessly to identify and implement the most profitable advertising funnels by testing different creative directions on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, and any relevant paid media channels to attract potential consumers and convert them to lifetime ambassadors.

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At Cora, we have formulated the love and passion that it takes to reach the biggest of goals.  We wear our brands on our sleeves and don't sleep until we win.  We build loyal networks on the backs of relationships and we achieve growth through methodical merchandising online and in store.  We build interwoven funnels on Amazon to ensure top ranking ASINs and we deliver in store programs that expand market share and diversification.

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At Collaboration Nation, we serve our influencers through educational resources, exclusive in person events, and brand campaigns designed to help them make the best engaging content.  We take the guesswork out of the equation for our influencers and build alliances that make for more impactful content.  We equip our influencers with facts and they take on our passion so that the messaging is not only communicated, but is absorbed by their followers.

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At Charter Licensing, we don't just make deals, we foster partnerships with licensors.  We go beyond the contract and make sure our clients are updated on marketing initiatives and social media opportunities with the properties they license.  We help our clients navigate the property assets through the product development phase and we facilitate the approval process.  We help with accurate royalty reporting so audits are seamless and contracts renew on the best terms possible.

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