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The success behind Popsockets

Utilizing Unique Sales and Marketing Strategies to Grow a Startup to $1 Billion in Sales

In 2015, the Taqtful Team was engaged to build the ultimate sales network for Popsockets, and guide the company through growing pains in supply chain and marketing. Quickly, Taqtful partner Jasun Weiner became the full time President of Popsockets LLC, while Taqtful continued to drive the growth.

In fall of 2015, Taqtful took the opportunity to turn every T-Mobile employee across 3400 stores into brand ambassadors for Popsockets, with Popsockets reps visiting the stores in main markets, and telemarketers calling all 3400 store managers to make sure their employees engaged with the seeding kits that were designed to indoctrinate the employees.

Taqtful went on to engage over 25 key account reps across the nation and over 100 specialty reps with boots on the ground.  Taqtful exited in August of 2016 with Popsockets on a trajectory to generate over $1 Billion in sales.