We don't expect
great results

We make them happen.

Manage Influencer Relationships

  • Develop relationships for brand
  • Identify types of influencers that drive the most engagement and sales for product category
  • Manage consistent posting from influencers
  • Support influencers in order to optimize influencers' effectiveness
  • Manage Product Giveaways and Product Budget
  • ’Boost’ Influencer Content

Drive Buzz and Virality

  • Create large multi-influencer campaigns to drive critical mass
  • Work with multiple influencers on the same campaigns, competitions, etc.

Generate Cross Engagement with Other Brands

Work with like minded brands through giveaways, sweepstakes, etc to cross promote and grow the community

Taqtful Divisions

about Collaboration Nation

At Collaboration Nation, we serve our influencers through educational resources, exclusive in person events, and brand campaigns designed to help them make the best engaging content.  We take the guesswork out of the equation for our influencers and build alliances that make for more impactful content.  We equip our influencers with facts and they take on our passion so that the messaging is not only communicated, but is absorbed by their followers.