Our Story

Whether on airplanes, at trade shows, or with friends at backyard barbecues, we continued to meet entrepreneurs facing the same systemic challenge holding them back from achieving their full growth potential: Bandwidth.  We set out to come up with a business model that could not only bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to budding companies on the verge of their next great breakthrough, but also build on their strengths and supplement their inefficiencies with our enterprise.  We began building an infrastructure that includes a robust sales network across several product categories, internal processes that expedite the vendor onboarding process, and dialed-in lean process to efficiently and effectively develop marketing materials, in-store merchandising,  packaging, and even new products.

From the point we hop on board, our infrastructure expands the bandwidth of our clients overnight.  With this infrastructure and our 50+ years of consumer products experience, we have successfully built large volume companies, developed and launched successful new products, overcome ominous hurdles, and continue to have tons of fun everyday working hand-in-hand with our partners.